Fourteen year old Brandon Bitner left his Mount Pleasant Mills, Pa. home during the early morning hours on Friday, November 5, 2010. Brandon walked alone, in the cold darkness, over 6 miles to a busy intersection on US Routes 11 & 15 near Liverpool, Pa. When he arrived at his destination, Brandon stepped out in front of a Weis Markets tractor trailer truck and committed suicide.

Brandon’s mother Tammy discovered her son’s suicide note at their home before 4 a.m. that tragic Friday. Brandon addressed his love for his closest family and friends but also expressed his reasons for taking his own life.

In the suicide note, Brandon described constant bullying and harassment in the Midd-West School District, which had been happening for over five years. Fellow students constantly harassed Brandon on a daily basis for his appearance and his assumed sexual preference. Brandon was called gay, faggot, sissy, emo, goth, and witnesses even saw him being physically abused in the school hallways.

Brandon also laid out a mission for his family, friends, and supporters in his suicide note. He believed that his suicide would teach the school district, the surrounding communities and maybe even the world, that bullying is not something that should be taken lightly. Brandon specifically requested that his family and friends march on in his honor, to bring awareness to bullying and the mental and physical abuse that it causes.