Brandon was one of a kind, the type of unique individual you only come across once in a lifetime. For those close to him, he was a gift – a bright star that will never lose its shine.
Brandon was intelligent, caring, passionate, and hilarious. He was quiet but he always caught you unexpectedly with a great comeback or one liner. He was insightful and read people well. His sensitive nature made it easy to get along with him. He accepted everybody – it didn’t matter if they were white, black, gay, straight, skinny, or fat.

He enjoyed spending time with his family and friends. Whenever his mom had a nice dinner or gathering for her friends, he always helped and interacted with the group. Brandon and his sister Crystal always goofed around and had fun together. He always looked forward to summer vacation with his grandparents and was fortunate enough to visit a lot of the United States.

Brandon was an exceptionally talented violinist. He played the traditional violin and recently started playing the electric violin. He attended violin lessons weekly. He easily transcribed popular songs and played them on his violin. He enjoyed performing these songs for his family, friends, and classmates at school talent shows.Brandon, Tammy & Pamer

His love for music didn’t stop at the violin. He was an enthusiastic fan of many genres of music. He absolutely adored Reba McEntire – her music and her TV show. Some of his happiest moments were at the three Reba concerts he attended in recent years. He also enjoyed going to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra. He was also a big fan of Skillet, Within Temptation, Emilie Autumn, and Evanescence.

Those who were fortunate enough to know the real Brandon will never forget him. He touched many lives with his kind demeanor and passionate attitude. He always did everything BIG with his own style. That is the Brandon we will remember.